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20′s Tweed Britannia

I know I keep bringing up the 20′s look (it’s just so pretty!) but it’s obviously going to hit the high street soon because at New York Fashion Week, Ralph Lauren displayed a very British collection, which included some gorgeous beaded and jewelled gems of dresses!

And I couldn’t ignore the glorious tweed throughout and have realised I need a tweed jacket in my life. Ralph is apparently a fan of the drama Downton Abbey, hence the very traditional British designs and even having the theme tune as the music on the catwalk.

I love the pop of colour, especially the jewel coloured purple and orange accessories to add colour to the otherwise neutral suit. I’m converting to colour, shock horror!

This is is even better since my boyfriend has recently been an extra in the hit TV series. Lucky sod, especially since he gets to keep his outfits! Free, fitted tweed suits? Unfair.

Pretty Girliness

My internet has been so temperamental these past few days, to the extent that it cut out halfway through writing this blog post. I was so full of rage.

However after staying up till 1am the previous day to watch the Oscars live, I was definitely in the mood to look at pretty ballgowns online and pine after them pathetically. And whilst I’m not the girliest of girls, I have three designers that are my absolute favourite.

Elie Saab

I’ve loved her designs since looking at London Fashion Week and loving the delicate and girly designs of them and then realised that celebrities agreed with Mila Jovovich and Bérénice Bejo  both wearing Elie Saab.

Whilst I adore them both (in particular Mila, dark red lips +white dress = stunning combination), Elie Saab has also done some gorgeous ones on the catwalk that are feminine and so damn pretty with the floral and lace appliqué and pastel colours, these ones being from Spring 2011.

Pinned Image


I’ve been a fan of Marchesa for years, especially when the likes of Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus continue to wear gorgeous ones on the red carpet. However every year they keep making stunning gowns that are so floaty and just a little bit quirkier than Elie Saab but still so beautiful.

These are my absolute favourites by Marchesa over the past few years, the first two being of 2009, the second two from the A/W 2012.

Jenny Packham

Again, a new discovery for me because whilst Kate Middleton rarely puts a foot wrong in what she wears, the Jenny Packham dress she wore to a charity gala was stunning and set the bar high for any other dress she will wear to formal events. Again the details on these dresses are beautiful and drape so beautifully that they look like they are dripping in gems, especially with the sheer sleeves making it so delicate.

I previously mentioned Jenny Packham in my ‘20′s Swing‘ post for her beautiful wedding dresses, but she scores again with her other ranges and has the edge over Elie Saab and Marchesa simply because she is a British brand, and we should be proud of our designers.

If this post of dresses hasn’t made you jealous, than you’re a stronger person than I am. God I wish I had just one of these dresses. Until I make my boyfriend one day buy me one, I will be just have to watch the celebrities rudely flaunt them in my face.

Library chic

I have never bought an entire outfit from a mannequin before mainly because I don’t think they always put together the best outfit, and also because I like putting my own ones together.

However I walked into H&M and saw a line of pretty collared 50s dresses with contrasting cardigans on top. And I instantly thought that it looked very library-chic.

And I couldn’t help it. I bought the blue polka dot dress with the burgundy cardigan. I feel very nerdy in the right way, and with some thick black tights and ballet pumps, it’s even cuter. Almost like a modern Belle from Disney. Not sure why though.

It even has elbow pads! I love that elbow pads are back because they make an otherwise plain outfit have a little bit of edge. And it definitely adds to the nerdiness of the outfit. Now I really want to work in a library…

Burberry Prorsum A/W12

I keep changing my mind about macs, because every one that I try on in shops doesn’t seem to fit me or, sadly, suit me.

So I gave up on my dream of wanting a mac.

Until now.

There has been so much media coverage on the new Burberry A/W12 so I couldn’t resist and for me the Prorsum line is gorgeous.

With the tweeds, velvets, deep aubergines and bow belts,  it makes me want to skip spring and summer and head straight into a pile of crunchy leaves.

Then Cara Delevingne ended it with the most beautiful, deep purple quilted coat. It’s The One. It might help that Cara is absolutely gorgeous with her dark, slightly angry brow (or because we share the name) but as she walked down the catwalk I fell in love.

And the fake snow just made it even more magical.

Who do I need to kill to get into London Fashion Week?

Dip it low

Another trend that took me a while to get on board with was the dipped hem dress. It might have been because its simillar to the ‘mullet’ dress which I don’t like, but I find that it is a bit softer and looks less like the front has just been hacked off.

As usual I went onto Modcloth for a casual browse and fell in love with this one but sadly it was not in my size. I could definitely see me walking round somewhere hot and sunny in this dress with some gladiator sandals and Ray Bans. Sadly it wasnt meant to be.

It was one of my numerous trips to Zara where I found this dress. I tried it on and liked the vintage look of it and the cute palm trees, but it wasnt till I got home that I realised the hem was longer at the back.. And I loved it! Adding on my trusty skinny waist belt and new heels (still obssessed with them) it looked awesome

So now I am pretty much in love with the dipped hem trend. It makes it seem more discreet with the longer back and girly with the floaty hem. Cannot wait to wear this when its summer. At the moment I will have to make do with wearing it with black tights. Damn winter.

Wrap me up

I’ve always loved wrap dresses because they are instantly chic and have the sexy peel-me-off factor (especially because no matter how gorgeous a little black dress is, it’s hard to get it off gracefully when it’s skin-tight. Peeling is no longer sexy when I look like a drunken snake trying and failing to shed its skin).

The number one wrap dress that has the smexy factor is the red dress that Eva Green wears in Casino Royale. Not only is she effortlessly gorgeous (dark hair + red = beautiful clash) but the way she just rolls out of bed and ties it round her is something I wish I could do gracefully instead of my annoyed rummage in my wardrobe. Though if I’m wishing, I wish I was in Venice wearing this gorgeous dress. Daniel Craig I could take or leave.

And then of course Kate Middleton wore a simple Issa black wrap dress and again with the instant casual beauty of it, and its a bonus that they wrap under the bust making tiny-boobed people, like moi, look less like a boy. And even better is that it has girly loose sleeves because there is nothing I hate more than really tight sleeves that cut your arms.

I am also partial to a nice wrap skirt, like Mila Kunis wore in Friends With Benefits. It helps that I have a major woman crush on her (I do have a lot of woman crushes) but it again shows how it could easily be a very smart, chic, office skirt. The way she dresses it down with the cute cardigan and being a muted colour as opposed to black, makes it so much more casual and perfect for her wandering round New York.

And I couldn’t end without showing Nicole Richie’s pretty black wrap skirt which is definitely more my style as I am always finding myself in a bit of monochrome. Whilst the skirt is a bit longer, it looks much comfier for the summer and it is still oh so casual yet elegant. And the statement leopard ankle boots add that bit of hippy, quirkiness to the outfit.

Despite loving all these and not having the bank balance to buy a single one, why can I not find a pretty wrap dress/skirt?! The dresses are either frumpy or are fake wrap dresses so they don’t hang as well, and the only skirt I can seem to find everywhere is the simple body-con (no offence to the body-con, I just already have one and am now bored of it).

Dammit, I’ll just have to learn to sew and make my own. Or just wait a few years until I have a job and can actually afford one of these dresses.

I’ll wait.

Travelling in TOMS

I’ve recently been applying for internships and jobs to boost my chances of getting into fashion journalism and gaining some extra credit on my CV. I then started panicking about what outfits I would wear if I did get one. Dress smart, quirky or comfortable? Bosses advise wearing something comfortable and so I then knew what shoes I would wear.

 I absolutely LOVE my TOMS. Mine don’t look anything like this anymore sadly, because I wore mine when I was travelling round Europe and they went through miles and miles of walking in all kinds of weather. However whilst most shoes tend to hurt my feet, these didn’t need breaking in and were so comfortable!

Although it was the ethics that really made me want to buy them, because their concept is that every pair of shoes bought, a child in need gets a pair too. So I had to buy them, and them being so damn comfy was just as good. This was what I was basically living in when we were abroad (until my Ray Bans broke at the airport coming home, very near tears!) and they went with everything I wore.

Comfy travelling

My old pair are still wearable, they just have a small hole in them, but seeing as they lasted 5 weeks of exploring and none of my other friend’s shoes lasted, I would say they are the most lasting shoes I owned. The only question now is what colour to get next?

Also, be aware of wearing them when you are trying to get a tan, or you will end up with a wonderful tan line like mine.

House of Harlow

As said on an earlier post, I absolutely love Nicole Richie’s fashion line House of Harlow. It definitely fits in a marketing hole that needed to be filled because for me, I love a little bit of the hippy look. The only place before that I looked was Free People and even this was a bit limited.However, not only do I love her bed jackets, but I also love her jewellery.

In an interview, Nicole Richie once said it was all inspired by her parents because she was always trying on their jewellery, with elements of the bohemian 60′s and 70′s in it.

I’m in love with all the pieces because it even has a very 20′s deco feel to it, (I love all era’s, but 20′s is still high up there) with the solid designs. My favourite piece is the 3 tiered head bands but in particular the 1960 Black Resin necklace.

Now, until I can afford to start saving for one of these glorious pieces, I have to make do with a copy of it.

This necklace, whilst obviously is nowhere near the quality that Nicole’s would be, is pretty dead on in being similar and I have had loads of compliments from wearing it! (Though when I get into the details of House of Harlow and all the other designs and inspirations, I get blank faces pretty quick.)

But wearing this with a lacy top tucked into my black skinnies and pixie boots, it really quirks an outfit up.

So until I can spend all my future wages on every piece in her collection, this will do. It’s still a stunning piece and is something that just isn’t replicated on the high street.

Oversized not undersized

As much as I love to dress up in my black dresses and tiny shorts, I am definitely a person who craves comfort over style sometimes. I’ve been told I should stop dressing in clothes that are sizes too big for me, but for me I love a good oversized jumper.

My first one was an XXL UEA grey sweatshirt, an ex-boyfriend of my aunt. It was huge and unflattering but it was my comfort jumper when I was cold. I’m cold most of the time, I’m like a lizard that needs to bask in the sun to warm up.

Eventually I realised I needed to stop wearing this and after a few other hideous attempts, including an 80′s salmon XL jumper and other shapeless monstrosities, one of the first things I bought when I came to university was my green oversized jumper from H&M.

(cannot wait for my SLR and tripod…)

It barely cost anything and was baggy enough to chuck over jeans. Now, two years later, many washes and wearing it most days, it is so soft and even baggier that it is my fail safe item in my wardrobe. Again, I was proud I bought it because its a mossy green and changed my black wardrobe and brightened it up a bit.

I always wanted this cardigan that Vanessa Hudgens wears because it is the right side of baggy, but after finding out it was Antik Batik, I knew would not be buying one for a while, sadly.

And whilst not ever watching X Factor (or rarely at least), this outfit that Katie Waissel is perfect, with the baggy jumper and jeans combo with the red shoes for a bit of colour. And a cheeky bit of shoulder always makes an otherwise plain outfit a bit sexy.

My next on the list is another H&M jumper (love their knitwear) and its a burgundy slouchy cardigan, which would be perfect but I have a feeling is sold out. My only other comfy cardigan is one from Topshop, a beige one with massive buttons that is comfy but going slightly bobbly already and having long cuffs, I’m always making them look grey pretty quickly. Who cares, grimy is the new clean,  baggy is the new tight.

Pencil skirt power

I recently had a job interview (which came to nothing, sadly) but I had no formal clothes for the interview and instead of going or the usual dull shapeless black trousers I normally go for, I decided to go for my first pencil skirt. Nothing expensive, just from H&M.

But god I didn’t know how good they could make you feel! If fits perfectly, I felt sexy but still smart, and I just wanted to grab my briefcase and head to the office.

The girl who I’ve see rocking the pencil skirt is Miranda Kerr, my woman crush.  She looks gorgeous wearing anything, but I particularly fell in love with her pencil skirt.

I won’t be able to wear mine again for a long time, but it’s in my wardrobe for when I do. And if I’m bored I will happily try it on again and act out business lady scenarios in my room. Until then, it will just hang there waiting for me to be a journalist. Or I’ll buy this one too. Such envy.