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The ShowReel show @ BFW

ShowReel is a new concept at Brighton Fashion Week. Unlike the previous shows, it is made to be unwearable; bold, theatrical and plain crazy is what encompasses the designs showed at ShowReel. Combining fashion and the stage, it succeeded it’s expectations. Continue reading

Blue aztec

Seeing as I am heading back to university in less than two weeks, I am continuously having lunch and coffee with friends to say goodbye! So grateful for this warm weather.

Sadly, this doesn’t make up for missing Fashion Night Out. I wish I’d have jumped on the Megabus so I could experience it! Did anyone get to see anything amazing there?


(top: Zara, skirt: Zara, necklace: H&M)

This new skirt of mine is amazing for winter, because with the white and black woven details, it looks amazing with a simple white tee or black tights and boots. The leather waistband is an added bonus.

And the new necklace is my nod towards deco, due to my excitement over the new Great Gatsby film which I cannot wait to be released.


Many many MANY apologies for the lack of posting recently, but having two jobs is pretty draining. Especially when they are both in customer service which can drive me mad sometimes.

But with the sunny weather and the first lie in for a long time, I got round to putting some half decent clothes on.

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Published article!

I was a bit late realising, but I had my articles recently published with my university newspaper!!

At the moment it’s only a PDF and the printed piece will be out soon which will be available to 30,000 students at Plymouth university which is scary.

But I’m proud of them, the whole paper looks amazing! Hopefully I will get a better picture when I get the real paper but for now I’m so excited to see them out.

Label vs High Street

I recently went to a friends house and had a nosey in the wardrobe.

I found a shirt that had pink roses, chains and birds all over it. I think my face full of horror showed him what I thought of it, to which he said it was ‘Vintage Alexander McQueen’

Now, whilst I cannot afford it, I am an advocate that designer fashion has the quality and style that you just can’t buy on the high street.

However, I also believe that you shouldn’t just buy for the sake of it and be a label whore.

Especially when, recently, I have been seeing imitations all over the high street of designer styles.

I still believe in not always buying cheap clothes because they just don’t fit nor last. But when you can get items so similar on the High Street, why spend so much more? We’re in a recession you know!


H&M shopping spree

Yesterday was my final deadline for this year! So my second year of university is over, and only one to go until I’m in the big wide world! So obviously this was cause for celebration.

A shopping celebration. I went  a bit mad and spend about £60 at H&M but it’s so hard to feel guilty because it’s all so cheap. £60 would barely buy me a dress in Topshop at the moment…

My favourite buy was this grey scuba top, as I saw it ages ago and foolishly left it. Luckily it was back in the shop and I love it because it’s a bit of a different twist on the usual tank top and suits the sports luxe trend to a T. And the pleather skirt looks great with a black top or with a band t-shirt and ankle boots.

This pleather mesh dress was the same, I regretted missing out on it the first time and found it again, except even better was the discount at the till! £29.99 down to £14.99, thank you! It fits perfectly and the mesh neck is gorgeous. And it’s a black dress, so I was hardly going to reject it twice was I?


Seeing as it’s summer I couldn’t just get all black and grey, so I also got this summer dress which is quite a modest length and will be perfect for chucking on with a pair of pumps when I am being lazy.

And finally my 20′s style earrings! I love big earrings though how long they will last is debatable as I am always losing one of them…

I don’t feel guilty about spending because I absolutely love all of it.

(apologies for the poor pictures but I am back to my digital camera until my new SLR lens comes. £50 poorer because of that too…)

Glamorous at night

It has been recently announced that Rosie Huntington-Whitely is going to make a new underwear line for M&S in a vintage 20′s style, which got my 20′s senses tingling!

And recently I have been buying nicer things to sleep in, mainly because all of my ratty t shirts and shorts that I normally sleep in are falling apart.

It’s a shame because as much as I love slobbing out in the evenings, the older era’s were always so glamourous and made up. You’d never see them in an old boyfriend’s t-shirt and baggy shorts.

So all the nightgowns and bed jackets remind me of much classier era that seemed so much more fun to live  in. I found loads of styles I loved that were still acceptable to be walking around the flat in, and whilst some were a bit out of my price range, it’s still fun to swan about pretending to be a movie star sometimes.

Kara in 20′s

On another note, I love Kara Tointon’s 20′s dress and hairstyle that she wore at the Laurence Olivier Awards. I wish I could have been there, my cousin went and has some amazing pictures.

Yes, I’m obsessed with the 20′s nearly as much as black dresses, but  it helps that she is stunning (as is her sister Hannah, who is dating Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners).

I love that not only is it a modest, grown up length, but she didn’t go too fussy with the shoes and the nude peep toes look fab with the nude scallop detail.

Major dress envy! And I might just love her more because she shares my unusual name, as it is normally spelt ‘Cara’. Kara is way better.

Heel envy

Recently I have been having really bad heel envy.

I don’t get to wear them much, being a student, living miles from the uni and most of the paths being cobbled.

But look how gorgeous these are!

These fetish sandals from Mango are gorgeous, as not only are they black so they go with every outfit, but the thick ankle strap and calling them fetish sandals makes these a bit more bad-ass.

These J W Anderson heels, whilst out of my price range, caught my eye because of the unusual fluffy heel and the red and yellow front strap. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay away from black so these shoes have the best of both worlds.

Gucci. 1920′s style. Out of my price range. Enough said.

These Zara heels sold instantly and I really really wanted them! Now they only go on eBay for over £80, and I saw an imitation of these in River Island, but they weren’t the same. Too late now.

I definitely have changed my taste in high heels recently to these these really delicate styles.

And still being a learner of walking in heels, an ankle strap is always welcome.

However, my favourite pair of heels that I have seen at the moment are these ones! 

They may be identical to my orange and black heels, but look at the bright colours! Big love for these.

And I am ashamed to say I only have about 6 pairs of high heeled shoes, 2 of which I actually wear.

So I obviously need these right? And with my birthday celebrations tomorrow (a day early due to my birthday falling on a rubbish Monday) I’m sure I can justify getting them.